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Nancy Gupta


Paper Nest founder, Nancy Gupta is a visionary entrepreneur who has combined her passion for creativity, sustainability, and the art of papermaking to establish this unique and thriving venture. She knew she wanted to create a sustainable stationary option for eco-conscious writers like herself. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and a deep appreciation for the environment, she embarked on a mission to revive the ancient art of paper making. Before starting Paper Nest, she indulged herself into intensive research and training & successfully completed a certified course in Handmade Paper Making from Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute, Jaipur to understand the detailed aspects of making paper by hand. Drawing inspiration from traditional techniques while infusing them with modern design aesthetics, she along with her team, created a brand that stands at the intersection of artistry and eco-consciousness.

Satpal Ji



Hand Stitches Our Notebooks


Her Hands Do The Packaging


His Hands Screen Prints Our Designs

Jaspal Ji

His Hands Stitches Our Books


Her Hands Do The Quality Check

Handmade techniques often require time, patience, and a slower pace of creation, allowing artisans to connect deeply with their craft. The imperfections and uniqueness of handmade products add a personal touch and evoke a sense of authenticity. At Paper Nest, we consciously incorporate minimalist designs and handmade processes into our collections by using techniques like screen printing, letterpress, hand-stitching or hand-drawn illustrations on our notebooks. By following these principles of simplicity, functionality, and sustainability, we create beautiful and environmentally conscious stationery products that resonate with minimalism enthusiasts.